US enforcement agencies are turning up the heat on crypto-related crime

How governments decide to go after crimes committed with crypto could color the industry’s public perception and how the space is regulated.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Mitch Eiven

Publish date: March 23, 2023

The world could be facing a dark future thanks to CBDCs

From forcing people to spend their money to making them save it, central banks around the world could soon use CBDCs to create a dystopian nightmare.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Guneet Kaur

Publish date: March 23, 2023

Regulation still key for the evolution of CeFi: Paris Blockchain Week

Regulatory considerations are front and center as a panel of cryptocurrency industry insiders unpacks the current state of CeFi and DeFi in Paris.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Gareth Jenkinson

Publish date: March 23, 2023

Banking turmoil pushes crypto to ‘no oversight’, says Circle CEO

Crypto firms who have had the strongest position with U.S. regulation are now considered “unsafe,” Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire stated.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Helen Partz

Publish date: March 23, 2023

1inch Network co-founder to crypto newbies: ‘Don’t trust anyone, verify’ | PBW 2023

1inch Network’s Sergej Kunz believes that while people see the crypto space as a place to buy and sell digital assets, there is much more to explore.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Ezra Reguerra

Publish date: March 23, 2023

'How did this happen' — Powell says Fed stumped over the collapse of SVB

During a post-FOMC meeting on March 22, U.S. Fed Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell conceded they were stumped by the sudden fall of Silicon Valley Bank.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Brayden Lindrea

Publish date: March 23, 2023