3AC subpoenas issued as dispute grows over claims of Terraform dump

Approval has been given to subpoenas aimed at Three Arrows Capital’s (3AC) Su Zhu, Kyle Davies and their associates, while FatmanTerra claims Terraform Labs “dumped” $450 million of UST weeks ahead of its ultimate collapse.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Felix Ng

Publish date: Dec. 7, 2022

Report outlines reasons why stakeholders are against CBDC

Citing stablecoin issuer Circle’s stance on CBDCs, the report noted that issuance of digital currencies may be better left to the private sector.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Ezra Reguerra

Publish date: Dec. 7, 2022

Crypto will be regulated as securities — ICE boss and Senator Warren

Senator Warren’s crypto bill is still in its early stages, but aims to cover a host of issues including taxation, regulation, national security, climate and handing over crypto oversight to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Original source: Cointelegraph By Brian Quarmby

Publish date: Dec. 7, 2022

Fir Tree fund sues Grayscale in effort to force changes to Bitcoin Trust

The New York-based hedge funds want Grayscale to cough up information about its flagship Bitcoin trust which it believes could reveal potential mismanagement.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Felix Ng

Publish date: Dec. 7, 2022

Blockstream raising funds for mining at 70% lower company valuation

Blockstream is conducting another funding round to expand its solar mining capacity amid a wider downturn for Bitcoin miners.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Martin Young

Publish date: Dec. 7, 2022

The impact of CBDCs on stablecoins with Bitget's Gracy Chen

While CBDCs will cater to local demands, cooperation between countries could facilitate and support the widespread adoption of readily-available stablecoins.

Original source: Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar

Publish date: Dec. 6, 2022